It looks like cold rainey weather is here sooo…… Nothing is better than a hot spicy bowl of GREEN CHILE STEW! And what’s with this rumor?  My friend told me one of his clients told him that she quit ordering Margaritas here because we use corn syrup in our mix,  Totally not true, we only use cane sugar!  Who comes up with this unsubstanchiated c…?

Business of the month!!

Good  PR starts with good relationships, and we have had a good relationship with our bank, U.S.BANK, for many years.  This month they awarded ADOBE ROSE CAFE with the honor of business of the month.  We have a nice display by the front door to showcase some of our fabulous food. Thanks so much US BANK.

We have been really busy, especially for this time of year when everybody is shifting gears with school and sports begining.  Must be those Happy Hour Margaritas  helping adjust attitudes.  I am really looking forward to fall, my fav time of year. Hope you all have a wonderful fall also.

Green Chile Beef Burrito

Come try our new Green Chile Beef Burrito. I got a nice Sirloin roast and slow cooked it all day in wine, green chile, onions and garlic.  I put it on the menu as a burrito, but you can get it any way you want: enchilada, stuffed sopaipilla or tacos!

Summer & Margaritas

Summer and Margaritas go hand in hand, like hot green enchiladas and a beer.  We have cool Gazpacho for our soup this week because it looks like it’s going to be a hot one.  Saw a good movie that was just good fun called Chef, good summer viewing! Try to stay cool, and don’t forget Happy Hour 5-6, Tuesday thru Saturday at the Rose.