tax time= margarita

With all this sunshine it’s time for a Margarita, and with all the stress from the IRS, that’s 2 reasons to have a Margartita.  We have a lovely Spinach Salad, with egg, bacon, pine nuts, chicken & honey crisp apples with a honey vinaigrette dressing this week.  Perfect for this terrific spring weather.  Don’t forget to come by between 5-6 to get  great prices on beer , wine and Margaritas.

Adobe Rose Cafe is not closing

Taken out of context, I had posted back in Feb. during the snow storm that we would be closing early that Saturday night, only.  Now someone ( obviously evil) has taken this and posted on the net that we are going out of business.  Not funny. I have had many people concerned that we are going out of business , this is not true.  We are here, still making great New Mexican food and great Margaritas, so come by and see for yourself.


It should only take a couple of days to adapt to this little change in our lives, then we will be enjoying the longer days….light after 4:00!  To usher in this change in time and weather its time to bring back the Prawn Salad.  Terry and I are still hoping to go skiing before all the snow is gone.  For us the start of Spring is the Shamrock Run and St. Patricks Day.  Yikes that is this weekend.  Everyone have a great St. Patty’s Day.  Don’t forget to have a little GREEN CHILE STEW!!image

Navajo Stew

This weekend we thought we would do a lamb stew. Our Navajo Stew is roasted leg of lamb simmered with New Mexico Red Chile, spices, wine, potatoes and carrots. It’s really good and only medium heat.


well we made it through the storm of 2014. what a really boring weeekend and what a let down! there was just enough snow and ice to make a big mess and screw up business.  i personally am ready to get back to work, and I am sure Terry is too.  i’m sure all of you are ready to return to life as usual ( dry roads and traffic moving faster than 11 mph ).  thanks for your patience during our closure  Saturday night.  See you soon!