Very short vacation

The cooler weather made us want a little GREEN CHILE STEW which always makes the weather warm back up ( not superstitious ! ) .

Next week we will be closed  the 11th thru 13th , a quick trip to Idaho to deliver one sister to another .  We will be back on the 14th !


Due to complaints from some of our regular customers we have done an about face with the recent switch to thigh meat instead of breast.  Looks like we will return to chicken breast meat immediately. Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Hope that this will help make everyone happy again!  Thanks for letting us know your preference.

Summer weather

Another blazing hot weekend in Portland & we were’t sure if our air conditioner would keep the dining room comfortable.  So far it is staying cool in here and I will be here waiting for everyone to stop by this evening . Don’t forget Happy Hour 5-6!

Product change


Some of you might notice a slight change in the quality of the product we are using now.  We have change from chicken breast to thighs.  We are still using Foster Farms fresh, no antibiotic or hormones.  We like the moister more flavorful thighs.  We also are using a new ground beef.  We are using Star Ranch ground chuck , no hormones or antibiotics.  We think this has a better flavor. We still only use Rice Bran Oil for frying so it doesn’t have any of those nasty preservatives or antifoaming agent , just good clean oil.  Trying to keep things as healthful as we can.